iCurryClub best Indian restaurant chart

Top 5 Best Indian Restaurant Red Pepper 27 Market Street West Yorkshire LS21 3AETop 5 Best Indian Restaurant Cafe Aamir Khans 37-41 Bradford Road West Yorkshire BD21 4BVTop 5 Best Indian Restaurant Zouk 1312 Leeds Road West Yorkshire BD3 8LFTop 5 Best Indian Restaurant Jinnah 99-109 Leeds Road West Yorkshire BD1 5BLTop 5 Best Indian Restaurant Jewel Of India 1 Bridge Street West Yorkshire LS21 1BQ

We've compiled all of your restaurant and takeaway reviews, and here is the offical iCurryClub Top 30 Chart.

1Red Pepper, Otley87.3%

A well established restaurant, with regular clientele, in the centre of the Yorkshire market town of Otley. The menu specialises in traditional Southern Asian curry dishes; and also contains a few surprises with ingredients such as venison, ostrich and duck. There is an extensive vegetarian menu available.

2Cafe Aamir Khans, Keighley86.0%

A popular diner-takeaway style establishment, located close to ASDA and Keighley Railway Station. Marinated and grilled food is a speciality.

3Zouk, Bradford85.8%

A very high quality establishment with tasteful decor and a good atmosphere. The kitchen contains a superb grill, and is open so you can see the chefs at work. Highly recommended.

4Jinnah, Bradford84.5%

Jinnah is a great dining experience, especially for families. The atmosphere is great and service is superb. The menu extends beyond Indian dishes to international dishes including pizza, pasta, chinese and burgers.

5Jewel Of India, Otley83.9%

Located in a very attractive historical building in the centre of Otley, this is a busy Indian restaurant. Booking is advisable.

6Aagrah, Ilkley83.3%

A very stylish Indian restaurant, ideally suited to couples dining out. The Aagrah in Ilkley is part of a chain of restaurants, predominantly located in Yorkshire. The menu specialises in traditional regional dishes from India and Pakistan.

7Zolsha, Crosshills82.3%

8Rice, Yeadon81.6%

A well established Indian restaurant in the heart of Yeadon, just outside Leeds. Menu is varied, and your meal usually ends with a complementary night cap.

9Westbourne Spice, Otley81.5%

A large Indian restaurant on the outskirts of the market town of Otley. Ideally suited to large groups and has a large bar area.

10Shama, Bingley80.8%

The Shama in Bingley is an extremely popular Indian on the outskirts of the town centre. Booking is recommended.

11Akbar's, Bradford80.6%

12Rajpoot, Shipley80.3%

A very traditional style Indian restaurant which has been popular for many years. No frills, but really good food. Masala fish is the house speciality.

13Aagrah, Shipley80.3%

Part of a popular chain of restaurants, the Aagrah in Shipley is a large and well established venue. The upstairs dining area is dedicated to an "all you can eat" buffet which is available daily. Downstairs is a more conventional a la carte menu.

14Shabab, Leeds80.1%

Ideally situated in the heart of Leeds city centre, tucked underneath Leeds Railway Station and directly opposite the famous Scarborough Taps pub. The menu is varied and food is plentiful. A lunchtime business menu is also available. Booking at peak times is advisable.

15Saffron Desi, Guiseley80.1%

A modern and stylish Indian restaurant in the centre of Guiseley, just outside of Leeds. The decor and surroundings are very tasteful, and suited to couples dining out.

16Cardamon, Bingley79.7%

A popular Indian restaurant in the centre of Bingley, and in close proximity to all of the local pubs and bars. The menu is extremely varied and offers dishes such as Sea Bass and Duck. There is also a Sunday Banquet.

17The Curry House, Keighley79.1%

A well established Indian restaurant, located opposite the popular Boltmakers Arms pub in Keighley. Often there are menus and offers available which are very good value for money.

18Curry Corner, Silsden78.7%

A great little Indian restaurant in the heart of Silsden village. Food is very good and often there are menus and offers available which are very good value.

19The International, Bradford78.5%

The International in Bradford has been in business for over 40 years and is very well known in the area for its good food and friendly atmosphere.

20Shimla Spice, Keighley78.1%

Like its sibling in Shipley, the Shimla Spice in Keighley is a large and popular restaurant just off the town centre. The restaurant can get busy at peak times so booking is advisable.

21Jani's, Baildon76.7%

22Seema's, Ilkley76.6%

A popular restaurant in the centre of Ilkley. The menu specialises in Bengali cuisine.

23Aroush Cafe Restaurant, Keighley75.6%

A diner-takeaway style restaurant. If you want no frills fast dining and large portion size then this is the place for you.

24Mastabs, Skipton74.9%

Mastab's is located in the heart of the bustling market town of Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales. The menu is predominantly traditional Indian and Bangladeshi.

25Khalid's, Keighley74.9%

A large Indian restaurant, ideally suited to families and groups, close to Keighley Railway Station and ASDA. There is also a large banqueting and function suite available for special occasions.

26Shimla Spice, Shipley74.8%

Shimla Spice in Shipley is a large, and very popular, Indian restaurant in the centre of town. The decor and surroundings are very tasteful, and this restaurant is ideal for couples dining. Food portions are a decent size.

27Rawal, Bradford74.0%

Rawal is a very long established Indian restaurant close to the Alhambra Theatre and Bradford College and University.

28Dhesi Grill, Bradford73.8%

Specialising in very tasty Indian dishes off the grill. The flavours are exceptional. This is one to try if like grilled food.

29Mangos, Keighley73.6%

Mangos is a diner-takeaway style Indian restaurant (which also offers other types of food such as pizzas, burgers and fried chicken). Mangos is renowned for large portion sizes and cheap prices.

30Punjab Sweet House, Bradford72.1%

The Punjab Sweet House and Grill has been popular for many years and is always busy with regulars. Good atmosphere.

Most popular Indian starters

Fish Masala#1  Fish Masala

So it is Fish Masala at our No.1 spot. It is all about the preparation when it comes to Fish Masala. The very best is made from fresh white cod or haddock, marinated overnight in herbs, spices and chilli, and then cooked on an open grill.

Mixed Kebabs#2  Mixed Kebabs

Mixed Kebabs have been a firm favourite in curry houses for many years. The dish usually comprises of Seekh Kebab, Shami Kebab and Onion Bhaji but can vary.

Lamb Chops#3  Lamb Chops

You wouldn't immediately associate Lamb Chops with Indian cuisine, but over recent years they have become a favourite starter dish due to their delicious flavour. The very best are those cooked on an open grill.


Most popular Indian main dishes

Chicken & Chilli Balti#1  Chicken & Chilli Balti

Our reviews show that Chicken Tikka Masala is no longer the most popular curry dish in the UK. That honour now falls upon Chicken & Chilli Balti. Balti's appear on nearly every menu nowadays but are not traditional Asian dishes. They were created in Birmingham in the 1970's. The name is thought to be derived from the metal bowl it is commonly served in but some say it is named after the Baltistan region of Northern Pakistan.

Chicken Karahi#2  Chicken Karahi

A Karahi is a traditional curry dish named after the thick metal cooking pan used to prepare it (similar in shape to a wok).
The actual ingredients vary from restaurant to restaurant but are usually based on a reduced tomato, onion and chilli sauce.

 Awaiting Image#3  Chicken & Potato Madras